1. Cotton-knitted blended fabric, is the finished product a cotton blended fabric?

- Feb 28, 2019-

Cotton blended fabric, from a professional point of view, refers to a fabric woven from cotton fibers and other one or more different types of fibers, in the specific types, mainly cotton brocade, nylon cotton And polyester cotton. Therefore, from the definition of cotton blended fabric, the fabrics that can be used are cotton-knitted fabrics, nylon-cotton blended fabrics and polyester-cotton fabrics. Therefore, the textile finished product of the cotton-knitted fabric is a cotton-blended fabric, but the fabric used for the cotton-blended fabric is not necessarily a cotton-knitted fabric.


2. What are the advantages of cotton blended fabric made of cotton-knitted fabric?

Cotton blended fabric, if the fabric used is a cotton-knitted fabric, then this kind of fabric belongs to the fiber fabric, which feels comfortable and cool and breathable when worn on the body, and has very good elasticity. In addition, this kind of cloth has the advantages of soft color matching, good drape and small shrinkage rate, and the cotton-knitted fabric has a certain advantage and can have a good wearing effect.


3. Comparison of cotton-knitted blended fabrics and nylon-cotton blended fabrics

Nylon-cotton blended fabric: This is a specific type of fabric. It is made of nylon yarn and pure cotton yarn interwoven on an air jet loom. It is an ideal material for making casual wear and fashion. In terms of specifications, it is plain, twill, matt. And Fang Gen and so on, the fabric is shiny and shiny, feels smooth and full, suitable for windbreakers, cotton clothes and jackets.

Cotton-knitted blended fabric: it is blended or interwoven with two kinds of raw materials, cotton and nylon. This fabric is warm in winter and cool in summer, and has softness, good elasticity, good air permeability, small shrinkage and easy hooking and pilling. And other advantages, in addition to convenient care.


Comparing the two fabrics, it can be concluded that the nylon is interwoven with the nylon and the weft cotton, and the cotton is interwoven with the warp yarn and the weft nylon. The nylon-cotton blend fabric is able to highlight the nylon style, and the cotton-knitted blend fabric can highlight the cotton style. However, they also have in common that they are crisper than cotton fabrics and are not easy to wrinkle. After grinding, the hair feels strong and the hand feels fine.