Advantages of blended fabrics

- Mar 21, 2021-

First of all, blended fabric is through the organic combination of two or more different types of fibers, taking the strong points to make up for the shortcomings, the advantages of the fibers coexist, to a greater extent, to meet people's different requirements for clothing and apparel. Secondly, the size of the blended fabric is very stable, and the shrinkage rate is also very small. The fabric is very tall and straight, not easy to be wrinkled, easy to wash, and quick-drying. The blended fabric has good elasticity and abrasion resistance in both dry and wet conditions. Good, the fabric is very stable; again, the blended fabric is stronger and more durable than the cotton fabric. The main reason is to increase the tearing strength of the fabric and increase the durability of the fabric in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the blended fabric has a cotton fabric. The appearance and feel of the polyester fabric weaken the chemical fiber luster and feel of the polyester fabric, thereby improving the quality of blended fabrics, such as high-end overcoats, tweed or fine wool knitted fabrics; In addition, the blended fabrics are colored more firmly than Other cotton fabrics have better color fixation properties, etc.; in addition, blended fabrics have many advantages such as smoothness, bright colors, strong hair style, good elasticity, and good moisture absorption.