Advantages of choosing polyester and cotton fabric when customizing overalls

- Jun 27, 2019-

No matter what clothes are woven from various fabrics, different garments will use different fabrics, and the most used overalls are polyester and cotton fabric, because the overalls are the clothes that are worn at work, and will inevitably wear out during work. The characteristics of polyester-cotton fabrics are wear-resistant. If comfort is concerned, cotton fabrics are definitely better.


What kind of fabric to take at work depends on those industries. If it is worn by front-line workers, the clothes will often rub with other things at work. It is recommended to choose polyester/cotton fabrics, which is more durable. The advantages of polyester-cotton fabric overalls are wear-resistant and wear-resistant, straight and sleek, no shrinkage, no deformation, no wrinkles, quick drying and so on.


The advantage of cotton overalls is that they are soft and comfortable to wear, and do not generate static electricity; then polyester/cotton fabrics are less expensive than pure cotton fabrics. In the end, what kind of fabric should be selected, combined with industry characteristics, price budget and other comprehensive considerations, no matter what, there is no single standard, the right is the best.