Advantages of cotton polyester elastic fabric and anti-wrinkle requirements

- Jun 13, 2019-

Cotton polyester elastic fabric is a kind of artificial elastic fiber, elastic fabric, which can extend to 4~6 times of the original length, and has good extension. It is suitable for blending with various fibers, and can strengthen the texture drape and wrinkle resistance. Lycra stretch fabric with anti-chlorine composition will make swimwear have a longer life than ordinary swimsuits.


Nylon fabric: Although the texture is not as solid as the Lycra stretch fabric, the softness of softness is comparable to that of Lycra. Fabrics currently used for swimwear for mid-priced products.


Polyester fabric: stretch fabric for one-way and two-way stretch. Due to limited elastic, most of them are used in swimming trunks or female swimming splits. They are not suitable for the one-piece model. Fabrics that can be partially spliced or used in low unit price strategies.


Flexibility of cotton polyester stretch fabric


When it comes to clothes, we naturally think of the elasticity of the clothes. If we lose the elasticity, the clothes are easily deformed and lose the original pattern. At this time, we should consider changing the clothes. And our elastic cotton fabric clothes, as the name suggests, must be favored by the public for its flexibility. Stretch cotton fabric clothes are not easy to loose, durable, because it has elasticity, so it is easy to outline your perfect body, beauty crush must not miss it!