Advantages, uses and maintenance methods of cotton nylon fabric

- May 24, 2019-

Cotton nylon fabric belongs to metal wire fabric. It is mainly made of polyester cotton, nylon cotton, nylon polyester and cotton metal wire fabric. It has been very popular in recent years and gradually opened up the market, mainly for the production of high-grade clothing; , the ambition of clothing. Cotton brocade fabrics are available in plain, twill, matte, square root and other series. The fabric is shiny and beautiful, and the hand feels smooth and full. It is suitable for windbreaker, cotton clothing, jacket and other styles.


Compared with other fabrics, nylon cotton fabric has the advantages of radiation protection and antistatic, so it is more accepted by the market. Apparel manufacturers generally prefer to use nylon and cotton fabrics when producing men's and women's fashion coats, high-end casual cotton coats, casual down jackets, etc., which will make the clothes look more upscale, temperament and taste.


The metal filaments in the cotton brocade fabric have special rigidity and variable bending, so the produced textiles will have a certain anti-wrinkle function. And it combines the wear resistance of nylon and the moisture absorption and breathability of cotton yarn. The finished garments are generally washed, so it will be comfortable to wear.


Generally, the clothes made of cotton brocade fabric should not be exposed to the sun after washing, and should be dried naturally. Some nylon fabrics are easy to fade, so you can soak them in salt water for a few minutes before washing, which will have a fixed color effect. Use low temperature when ironing, then pad light cotton. If the temperature is too high, the fabric will shrink and become sticky.