Appearance and structure of colored plain fabric

- Aug 03, 2018-

The warp and weft of the color plain fabric are interwoven once every other yarn. The fabric is firm, smooth and smooth. Generally, the high-grade embroidery fabrics are made of plain fabric. The color plain fabric has many intertwined points, and its texture is firm and the surface is flat. The appearance of the front and back is the same, and it is light and thin, and has good air permeability. The plain structure determines its density is low. Generally, the price of plain fabrics is relatively low. But there are also a few plain fabrics that are more expensive, such as some high-end embroidered fabrics.

The color plain weave fabric is relatively well-recognized, mainly because the interlaced points of the warp and weft of the twill fabric form a certain angle of the diagonal line structure on the surface of the fabric. Its characteristics are that there are positive and negative points, less interlacing points, longer floating lines, soft touch, higher density, thicker products and stronger stereoscopic structure.

The color plain fabric is interlaced at least three times. The fabric has the highest density and the thickest, and the fabric is smoother and more lustrous, but the product cost is higher, so the price is relatively expensive. The satin weaving process is more complicated, and only one kind of warp and weft yarns are used to cover the surface in a floating form.