Application and characteristics of polyamide-cotton fabric

- Nov 15, 2017-


1. The use of wire and polyester, nylon filament woven, fabric surface has a metallic luster, faintly flashing, and changes with the light source.

2. Metal filament has special rigidity and bending variable, so the fabric has special variable morphological memory wrinkle effect.

3. Fabric with radiation, anti-static and other health concepts of functional effects. Because of the above characteristics, the fabric is suitable for the manufacture of men and women fashion jackets, high-end casual clothes, casual down jacket, wearing more can show elegant, luxurious, romantic temperament and taste.

4 Wire fabric is the most popular with natural memory folds and anti-static functional fabrics, it is not embroidered silk into the fabric, so that it will be made into garments after the very good effect of the anti-light, especially in the sun and light is more obvious.


Wire fabric Not only has a metallic luster, but also wear up a stiff tangible, noble, gorgeous, but also the fabric has a conductive shielding function, which is widely used in scientific research, military hi-tech and electronics, medical industry, etc., high value-added.

At present, to do male and female windbreaker, cotton-padded jacket, down jacket and casual coats mainly.