Application of Nylon Cotton Blend Fabric

- Apr 24, 2018-

Nylon cotton blend fabrics are also often referred to as wire fabrics. The special feature of this fabric is that it is a fabric that is comfortable, cool, and breathable on the body, but also has good stretch characteristics. Moreover, the nylon-cotton blended fabric also has the advantages of soft color matching, good drapability, and low shrinkage.


Nylon cotton blend fabric basic knowledge overview:


At present, nylon-cotton blended fabrics are mainly made of nylon yarns, pure cotton yarns, and pure cotton metal silk fabrics, which are made of air-jet looms. This fabric is an ideal material for casual wear and fashion. Specifications are plain, twill, extinction, square root and other series. Glossy fabrics, smooth and full feel, and more suitable for windbreaker, cotton clothing, jackets and other models.


Analyzed from the development of the market, nylon-cotton blended fabrics have gradually become popular in the market in recent years, and they are very popular as a kind of high-value-added fabrics. They have properties such as static elimination, radiation resistance, and flickering luster. They are widely used in scientific research. , military high-tech and electronics, medical industries.


Nylon cotton blend fabric features:

From the appearance analysis, the surface of the nylon-cotton blended fabric has a metallic luster that is faintly visible. In terms of function, this fabric has functional effects such as radiation protection, antistatic, and other health concepts. Due to the above characteristics, the fabric is suitable for manufacturing men's and women's fashion jackets, high-end leisure cotton coats, and leisure down jackets, which can display elegant, luxurious, romantic qualities and taste after wearing.


Nylon cotton blend fabric application:


Nylon-cotton blended fabric not only looks good luster, but also has an excellent upper body effect. It is not only wearable and elegant, but also has the function of conductive shielding. Therefore, nylon-cotton blended fabrics are widely used in scientific research and military high-tech industries. As well as electronics and medical industries, the added value is high. At present, men's and women's windbreakers, cotton jackets, down jackets and casual jackets are mainly used.