Basic knowledge of fabric

- Dec 28, 2017-

1. Fabric determination of the composition:
Nylon: after the yarn burns white smoke, it has a bad smell, the speed of burning is slower, and the crystal is hard.
Polyester: the yarn burns black smoke after burning. It has no smell and a little light fragrance. The speed of combustion is faster, the crystal is not very strong, it can be rubbed into black powder.
Cotton: cotton yarn has no odor after burning, and it has almost no ashes after burning.

2.Fabric yarn density and specifications:
The density is indicated by "T", (Tesla (T), a square centimeter of warp yarn and weft to the total number of roots, how much is "T", through to "T" than "T", the weft warp refers to the length direction of the cloth, weft refers to the width direction the zonal width of cloth, we labeled width.
Expressed as the number of "D" (dtex=, Corrientes) "D" represents the yarn size, "D" is small, the yarn becomes finer, and vice versa, a 9000 meter long yarn weight is the number of how many grams of "D", in general: 20D.30D.40D.50D.70D.90D.100D.150D.160D.200D.210D.250D.300D.320D.450D.600D.900D.1200D, general "D" and "T" inverse "D" is "T" is "D", "T" is smaller.