Cavalry Twill Fabric Features

- Apr 26, 2018-

What kind of fabric is the cavalry twill fabric? I believe everyone is also the first time I heard that there is such a fabric. The so-called cavalry oblique fabric actually refers to a rough twill fabric. The texture of this fabric is very clear. The cavalry can be thought of as a knight's horse, and the horse's footsteps are like the direction of such a loom.


It is also commonly referred to as Cavalier Oblique, a type of twill weave. In fabrics, there are many types of fabrics, and in the materials used for garments, cavalry is one of the commonly used fabrics. For example, many professional shirts and professional suit materials are available on the market. In addition to professional shirt suits, jackets also have cavalry oblique materials.


The so-called cavalry twill fabric actually refers to the twill fabrics, including different textures. For example, there are broken twill; 2 on 1 (2/1) twill; 2 on 2 (2/2) twill, also known as two oblique; 3 on 1 (3/1) twill; 4 on 1 (4 /1) Twill, also known as satin weave. Among them, the cavalry oblique 3 on 1 under plus 1 on 1 under the organization is the standard cavalry oblique. These are divided from the organization, but also can be classified from the raw materials process, such as cotton cavalry oblique, elastic cavalry oblique, oblique cavalry, semi-elastic cavalry oblique, oblique cavalry cavalry, cavalry cavalry oblique, elastic cavalry oblique 2/3, double-layered elastic cavalry and 3/3 cavalry.


Of course, the diagonal fabric of different twill weaves looks different from the appearance. And the different fabric composition feel is not the same, cavalry oblique thin and thick, some suitable for spring and summer, some suitable for autumn and winter.


In fact, in the current market, there are many fabrics used in the weaving of cavalry oblique structure, this cavalry twill fabric with superior quality, unique style features to attract the majority of customers. Cavalry oblique fabrics are usually woven on an air-jet weaving machine. They have been deep-processed, such as threading, pre-shrinking, setting, dyeing and finishing.