Characteristics and Advantages of Nylon Cotton Cavalry Twill Fabric

- Oct 19, 2018-

Characteristics of Nylon Cotton Cavalry Twill Fabric


1. Thickness index: ultra-thin and thin conventional thickness

2. Softness index: harder, moderate, soft, super soft

3. Elasticity index: no elastic micro-elastic elastic super-elastic

4. Suitable for the season: spring, summer, autumn, winter

Advantages of Jinmian Cavalry Inclined Fabric

Cotton and linen blending, printing process, the appearance style is between pure linen and pure cotton, the hand is not hard or soft, that is, the advantages of cotton, and the advantage of hemp, has a good moisture absorption and breathability.

Our advantage

1. A large number of fabric varieties and patterns, convenient for customers to select and proof.

2. The salesman is experienced: the most cost-effective products can be provided according to customer needs.

3. Competitive prices.

4. The product has good surface finish: our company will carry out 100% inspection on all products.

5. First-class product quality: Our products can be sent to major testing institutions for testing according to customer needs.