Characteristics and application of cotton nylon stretch plain fabric

- Nov 30, 2018-

At present, cotton brocade jersey fabric is mainly used for making shirts and shirts. Cotton brocade fabric mainly refers to the woven fabric interwoven with cotton yarn and polyester elastic yarn, so it is also called cotton brocade interweaving elastic fabric or interwoven cotton brocade fabric. The interwoven cotton brocade fabric uses cotton yarn as the warp yarn and nylon elastic yarn as the weft yarn. The cotton content is high, and the cotton content can reach more than 60% in the same city.


The cotton brocade plain fabric has a high cotton content, and it is also because of its characteristic composition that it also makes its grade not low. Cotton brocade fabrics are rich in variety, and the thin type is called cotton brocade poplin, which is suitable for shirts and skirts.


Cotton brocade plain fabric is a traditional product, and the medium-thick cotton brocade fabric is more varied. In addition to the plain weave, some are twill, satin, double-layer structure and various changing tissues. The yarn branch changes more freely. Suitable for all kinds of jackets and casual pants. The thicker ones are mainly used for autumn and winter coats, mainly low-cotton yarns.