Characteristics of Polyester Cotton Blend Twill Fabric

- Mar 23, 2018-

The polyester cotton blend twill fabric maintains the characteristics of high polyester fiber strength and elastic recovery characteristics during the production process. The polyester-cotton blended twill fabric also has the characteristics of strong hygroscopicity of the cotton fiber to a certain extent. Easy to dye, wash and dry quickly.

Polyester cotton blended twill fabrics to a certain extent highlight the style of polyester and the strengths of cotton fabrics. The elasticity and abrasion resistance of the fabrics are relatively good under dry and wet conditions. The size of polyester-cotton blended twill fabrics is stable. The shrinkage rate is small, has the characteristics of upright, easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, fast drying, can not be used high temperature ironing and boiling water soak, can be based on this increase in flame retardant, anti-static, oil and water repellent, anti-acid and alkali, anti- UV and other functions.

The polyester cotton blend twill weave fabric is effectively made of twill weave and weaving on its water-jet loom. In the process of operation, it will undergo a series of finishing processes such as dyeing and finishing. The width of this fabric is 150cm per meter. About 120 grams, suitable for the production of men's and women's trousers, casual wear and women's skirts and other clothing, into the upper body, both comfortable and decent, but also make the current youth charm.

The basic feature of polyester-cotton blend twill fabrics is the use of a variety of twill weaves to allow fabric surfaces to exhibit diagonal lines formed by warp or latitude long lines. The denim medium-thick, low-grade denim is coarse and fine (20-40 pieces), all of which are made of 2/1 left twill weave. The texture is slightly thicker and softer than plain fabric, and the front lines are clear.