Classification of cotton nylon canvas fabric and advantages of use

- Mar 16, 2018-

Cotton nylon canvas fabric is a kind of thick cotton fabric or hemp fabric. Its name was originally named for its sails. Cotton/Cotton canvas fabrics usually use plain weave fabrics for production, and a small number of twill weaves. Organization, warp and weft use multiple strands.

Cotton nylon canvas fabric can generally be divided into rough canvases and fine canvases, and to a certain extent, the rough canvases are also referred to as canopy cloths. They are often used for the production of four to seven strands of yarn on the 58th. The fabric is fast and durable, with good water resistance. It is used for covering cars and open storage, as well as outdoor sails.

The fine canvas warp and weft yarns in cotton nylon canvas fabrics are generally from No.58 to No.6 No.28. They are mainly used for the production of labor protection garments and their products during the use process. After dyeing can also be used as shoes, travel bags, backpacks and other fabrics. In addition, there are rubber canvas, fireproof, radiation shielding canvas, paper machine canvas.

cotton nylon canvas fabrics have a strong texture, good elasticity, breathability, low shrinkage, and are not easy to snag, are not easy to pill, feel smooth and firm, do not wrinkle, are easy to care, and can effectively prevent moisture from sticking again. Cotton woven fabrics work fine. Cotton and silk intertwined fabrics are soft in color.