Classification of cotton nylon twill fabric and their advantages

- Mar 15, 2018-

The fabric structure of cotton nylon twill fabric is mainly a diagonal pattern on the top. In the process of making fabrics, the front diagonal pattern is very obvious. The poor side of the poorly dyed twill fabric is not obvious. The warp and weft counts of the cotton/cotton twill fabrics are close. , slightly denser than weft, feel softer than khaki.

Classification of cotton nylon twill fabric

Cotton nylon twill fabric can be effectively divided into fine twill and coarse twill to a certain extent. Coarse twill fabrics are mainly used with cotton yarns of number 32 or above for warp and weft, fine twill fabrics with cotton yarns of number 18 or less for warp and weft yarns.

The cotton nylon twill fabric will have white, bleached, and mottled colors when used, and will often be used as a uniform, sportswear, sports shoe clip, emery cloth backing, and backing material during use. The wide-format bleached twill can be used as a sheet and can be used as a bed sheet after printing. Twill and mottled fine twill weaves are finished with electro-optic or calender finishing. They can be used as umbrellas and clothing clips.

Jindi's herringbone cotton and knit twill fabrics are the main components of mixed fiber fabrics during the production process. This type of fabric is one of the people's favorite conventional mixed fabric fabrics. To a certain extent, it is mainly due to its unique style. The beloved, in addition to the affordable fabric prices make ordinary people can accept the appearance of fresh and refined, charming style, texture, feel, style, function, etc. are better than other mixed fabrics.