Classification of jacket fabrics and characteristics of various fabrics

- Jun 08, 2018-

There are many types of jacket materials, which can be divided into three categories according to different grades. The first is a high-grade jacket fabric, such as natural leather sheepskin, cowhide, horse skin, etc. Of course there are also wool-polyester blends, wool wool Blended, specially processed advanced chemical fiber blends and purified fabrics.


Followed by high-end jacket fabric is a variety of medium fiber tweed, imitation sheepskin, etc.; there is the middle and low-grade fabric, and very common is the sticky cotton blended fabrics and cotton and other ordinary fabrics. We must pay special attention to the selection of jacket fabrics. Other jackets for these fabrics need careful selection.


What needs to be emphasized here is the selection of jacket fabrics such as sheepskin and calfskin. The comfort and warmth are self-evident, and the function of the fabrics will make the garments look very classy and stylish. Wool-cotton blended and high-fibre blended jacket fabrics are also a good choice, and its warmth will be more attention, because the current fabric feeling on the jacket will make you a warmer package.


Nylon silk is also a very common style choice in jacket fabrics. Its brightness will let you have a cool and sparkling sense of stage after the clothing is made. Coupled with some of the men's jackets with small decorative objects, the balance and sensation of the men's jacket fabric will appear even more glittering on this dress.


Male jacket fabrics can also choose high fiber compound cotton jacket fabric, this fabric will allow men to dress well, wearing a body structure in the body obviously. This kind of bodily framework is different from other frameworks that will make you feel more general. This will make you feel more general.


In short, there are many kinds of jacket fabrics, and what kinds of garments you want to make must choose jackets with different effects, so as to enhance the value of the whole outfit, and people wearing them will have different results.