Classification of Satin Fabrics

- Nov 15, 2017-


Satin fabric is a satin weave fabric, is a more complex weaving process of a fabric. Warp floating on the surface of the fabric, so the general use of combed yarn, there is a very thin 60, there are slightly thicker 30, grams of the general 100-200g/m2 combed fabric. In addition, there are elastic satin, higher grade, because of its rich luster, and soft, is the most unique cotton fabric products, so is the first choice of high-grade pants or windbreaker.

Plain weave Fabric

The fabric woven with plain weave (warp and weft yarns woven once every other yarn) is called plain weave.

Fabric Features: A lot of interwoven, texture fastness, scrape, surface formation, the opposite appearance of the same effect, plain fabric density is not too high, more frivolous, good permeability. The number of branches in 30 or so, the density is slightly lower, fabric more prone to jump yarn and other defects, the price is also relatively low. But also have a few plain fabrics also belong to high-density fabrics, high-grade embroidery fabrics are generally plain fabric.

Twill Fabrics

Warp and weft at least two yarn to interweave once, with the addition of the intersection of weft, to change

Variable fabric structure, collectively known as twill fabric. Fabric Features: There is a positive and negative points, a complete organization of the cycle of the intersection of less, longer floating line, feel soft, fabric density is relatively high, the product is thicker, the organization of three-dimensional sense is strong. There are 30 branches, 40, 60 branches. Twill fabric Category: 40 twill printing fabric, active printing fabric (some businesses call it flower satin, to explain the high-grade fabric, but in fact he does not belong to satin fabric), grinding wool fabrics, satin fabrics, flower fabrics, cotton jacquard fabric, satin printing fabric and so on.

Jacquard Fabric

Fabric weaving with the changes in the organization of the latitude and longitude of the flower case, Yarn branch fine, the raw cotton requirements very high. Its monochrome jacquard and multicolor jacquard dyeing process and there is a difference, monochrome jacquard fabric dyeing fabrics-jacquard woven jacquard fabric before dyeing and finishing, fabric finished for the pure color, fabric width 2.5-meter, cotton fabric has a small shrinkage, no pilling, no fade.