Classification requirements and use characteristics of nylon and cotton blend fabric

- Jun 07, 2019-

The nylon and cotton blend fabric is made of cotton fiber and other kinds of fibers or two or more different types of fibers, which are made by blending yarns during use.

Types of nylon-cotton blended fabrics


Jinmian blended fabrics generally include: Jinmian, cotton brocade, polyester and cotton.


1. Jinmian


It is made of nylon yarn and pure cotton yarn interwoven on the air jet loom. It is an ideal material for making casual wear and fashion. Specifications include plain, twill, matte, square root and other series. The fabric is shiny and beautiful, and the hand feels smooth and full. It is suitable for windbreaker, cotton clothing, jacket and other styles.


2, cotton brocade


Ancient brocade. Also known as "dongjin." The middle part of Liping Prefecture is produced by the local Qing Tedong. The white yarn is used as the warp, the blue yarn is the weft, randomly woven, and various flower shapes are provided, and the towel is especially good. The so-called "Zhu Ge Jin", also known as "Dong Jin."


3, polyester cotton


Polyester/cotton refers to the general name of blended fabric of polyester and cotton. It is made of 65%-67% polyester and 33%-35% cotton blended yarn, which is commonly known as cotton.


Cotton blended fabric features


It is a fiber fabric, which is comfortable, cool and breathable on the body, and has the characteristics of good elasticity. In addition, the cloth has the advantages of soft color, good drape and small shrinkage.