cotton and Polyester Blend Fabric have good air permeability and improved sleep

- Jan 08, 2019-

The cotton and polyester blended fabric has good air permeability, and the cotton linen can absorb the sweat and micro-sweat on the human skin, so that the body temperature can quickly return to normal, truly achieve the effect of breathability and sweat absorption, and it is suitable for close-fitting use in winter and summer. Comfortable, itching, skin-friendly, PH value is acidic, no irritation to the skin, in line with environmental and human health requirements.

cotton and Polyester Blend Fabric have antistatic, no ball, no frustration, no curling, cotton linen is sewn with pure cotton, without free charge, cotton fiber is not easy to deform, can not afford the ball. Natural and environmental protection, from planting to hand-woven into cloth, without the use of pesticides and chemical dyes, the textiles do not contain chemical heavy metal ions such as formaldehyde and azo, which fully meet the requirements of “ban cancer-azo dyes” as stipulated by the European Union textile biochemical standards. It is a true green ecological textile treasure.

cotton and Polyester Blend Fabric can effectively improve sleep, use cotton linen to make the human body produce a warming effect, increase the body's microcirculation blood flow, effectively regulate the nervous system, dredge the meridians, and improve sleep quality.