Cotton and twill fabrics win the trust of consumers

- Jun 29, 2018-

The cotton-cotton twill fabric belongs to an innovative casual apparel fabric and has attracted the attention of consumers in the market. At the same time, it also occupies a large market space by virtue of its own superiority. The cotton-cotton twill fabric is a combination of natural fiber and chemical fiber, which gives full play to the complementary effects of various raw materials. It is an ideal fabric with high technical content and new style.


So, how is this twill fabric made? In fact, the warp of the fabric is made of 21s full cotton yarn as raw material, the weft is made of 140D nylon-6FDY as raw material, and the specification is 124*72 selected twill weave on air jet loom. This fabric not only has the anti-wrinkle and abrasion resistance of nylon fabric, but also has the comfort and breathability of cotton fabric.


During the production process, cotton/cotton twill fabrics need to be processed through major processes such as singeing, desizing, oxygen bleaching, source recycling, dyeing, and stereotyping. Cotton-cotton twill fabrics win the trust of consumers with their superior appearance, suppleness, rough style, ability to prevent static electricity, and not easy to wrinkle.