Cotton fabric clothes washing method

- Jan 02, 2018-

1, available a variety of detergents, can be hand-washing or machine wash, but due to the poor flexibility of cotton fiber, so washing do not use large set wash, so as not to change the clothes affect the size;

2, white clothing can be used alkaline detergent washing high temperature, play a bleaching effect, personal underwear can not be soaked in hot water, so as to avoid yellow sweat spots. Other color shirts are best washed with cold water, do not use detergent or detergent containing bleach to wash, so as not to cause bleaching, but also not fall directly onto the cotton washing detergent, in order to avoid local bleaching;

3, light-colored, white soak 1 to 2 hours after cleaning decontamination better. Dark Do not soak too long, so as not to fade, it should be promptly washed, the water can add a spoonful of salt, so that clothes are not easy to fade;

4, dark clothes should be washed separately from other clothes, so as not to stain;

5, wash clothes drain, it should be stacked up, a lot of squeezed out of water or wrapped with a towel to squeeze water, must not twist the twist, so as not to take the clothes. Do not drip dry, so clothes will be over-dry after drying;

6, after washing dehydration should be quickly linked to dry, in order to reduce wrinkles. In addition to the white fabric, do not in the sun exposure to avoid exposure to radiation and make the cotton faster, thereby reducing the service life of the clothes and cause fading yellowing, drying in the sun, it is recommended to carry out drying out inside.