Cotton nylon stretch poplin fabric use and use characteristics

- Oct 11, 2018-

In the process of making cotton nylon stretch poplin fabric, the poplin fabric is made of cotton brocade and a certain proportion of spandex woven. The cotton brocade is mainly interwoven with pure cotton yarn and nylon yarn on the air jet loom. Cheng, its product specifications are plain, twill, extinction, square root and other series. The fabric is shiny and full of touch. It is suitable for shirts, cotton clothes, jackets and other styles. It is comfortable to wear, cool and breathable, good in elasticity, soft in color, good in drape and small in shrinkage. It is ideal for making casual wear and fashion. material.

Cotton nylon stretch poplin fabric is mainly made of cotton, polyester, wool, brocade or blended yarn. The texture is fine, smooth and shiny plain cotton fabric. The fabric of poplin is also woven with plain weave, which is different from flat cloth. The ratio of its density to weft density is generally 1.8 to 2.2:1. Since the warp density is significantly greater than the weft density, the surface of the fabric forms a diamond-shaped grain formed by the raised portions of the warp yarn. The poplin is made of uniform warp and weft yarns, woven into a tightly structured fabric, and then singed, scoured, mercerized, bleached and printed, dyed and finished.

Cotton nylon stretch poplin fabric can be used for bags, hats, children's pillows, labor insurance clothing, etc.