Cotton polyester blend fabrics to buy information and what fabric organization

- Feb 21, 2019-

Buying cotton polyester blend fabrics is an important task, so it needs to be taken seriously and treated seriously. If there is a wrong choice, it will cause product waste and bring economic losses to users, so this specific requirement will be met. And to be strictly enforced, there can be no sloppy. In the process of purchasing, all relevant factors should be taken into consideration, so that comprehensive and comprehensive consideration can be made, and then, the right product can be selected.

In addition, when purchasing this product, the choice of the manufacturer is very important, because if the wrong choice occurs, it will affect the normal use and use of the product, so it can not be treated and carried out. In the specific selection requirements, it is necessary to select professional and regular manufacturers to ensure product quality and product performance.

Cotton polyester blend fabrics, compared with polyester-cotton fabrics, can be concluded that these are two different fabrics that cannot be confused to avoid problems during the selection and use of the two fabrics. The specific difference is: polyester cotton refers to polyester component accounted for more than 60%, cotton component is below 40%, is a polyester-based, while cotton-polyester is just the opposite, cotton component is above 60%, polyester component is below 40% It is mainly cotton.

Plain weave: It is made up of warp and weft yarns interlaced one on top of the other, which is relatively simple in structure.
Twill weave: A type of tissue that is continuously slanted through a tissue point or a weft tissue point. The surface has an oblique pattern formed by tissue points or weft tissue points.
Satin texture: Individual or discontinuous tissue or weft tissue points that are regularly and evenly distributed throughout the tissue cycle, referred to as satin weave. In this organization, the individual tissue points are covered by the long lines of the other system yarns on both sides of the fabric, and the surface of the fabric is represented by long floating lines or long floating lines. Therefore, the surface of the fabric has good gloss and feels soft to the touch. And lubrication.