Cotton polyester materials and precautions

- Jun 21, 2019-

The cotton polyester material is a blended fabric of polyester fiber and cotton fiber, which is mainly composed of cotton fiber, supplemented by polyester, and has a cotton content of more than 60% and a polyester component of 40% or less. The material is strong and elastic, and is the best anti-wrinkle in all fibers, heat and light resistant, and has a good primary setting performance.


Although polyester-cotton and cotton-polyester materials are blended from polyester and cotton fibers, they are not the same fabric. Cotton polyester is a blended fabric mainly composed of cotton fiber and polyester/polythene; polyester-cotton fabric means that the composition of polyester accounts for more than 60%, and the composition of cotton is below 40%; "cotton polyester" is the opposite, which refers to the composition of cotton. Above 60%, the composition of polyester is below 40%.


Cotton polyester materials are resistant to alkali and have high temperature resistance and can be washed with various soaps or detergents. The washing temperature should not be too high, generally below 40 °C to prevent felting and elastic drop. Wool is poor in alkali resistance. Use soap or neutral detergent when washing. Do not expose to strong sunlight after washing to prevent loss of luster and elasticity. When washing cotton fabric materials, they must be washed and kept dry and low temperature, so that mold growth is not allowed.