Cotton polyester stretch sateen fabric specifications and storage essentials

- Nov 06, 2018-

The cotton polyester stretch sateen fabric is usually of 75D*40S+40D and has a width of 148cm. The fabric is coated with cotton-coated spandex yarn and dyed with environmentally friendly dyes to make the fabric elastic and breathable. The fabric style is unique and suitable for Production of men's and women's casual wear, children's wear, jackets, all kinds of fashion clothing.


Cotton polyester stretch sateen fabric is a textile woven from satin weaves of one of three basic fabrics. The main material is the veil. The warp or weft of the satin fabric forms a number of separate, unconnected tissue or weft points in the fabric. The fabric is almost entirely covered by warp or weft, and the surface appears to be slanted, but not as obvious as the twill. The diagonal line has fewer times of warp and weft interlacing, and has a smooth and bright appearance and a soft texture. However, the long lines in the satin fabric are prone to wear, fuzzing or fiber smearing, and the strength of such fabrics is lower than that of plain and twill fabrics.


Cotton polyester stretch satin storage should first choose a very spacious warehouse, so that it is easy to stack, and then separated by type, and according to the material of the cloth, cotton, polyester, cotton and fiber should be distinguished. Also choose a well-ventilated environment for storage. The closer the door and window are, the better the width of the door is one-meter. The 7-volume is placed in a row, the second layer is placed vertically, and the stacking must be the same as the bottom. The third layer should be placed horizontally, the same amount, and so on.