Cotton polyester stretch twill fabric with excellent elasticity and characteristics

- Feb 01, 2019-

Cotton polyester stretch twill fabric is polyurethane fiber when it is used. Because of its excellent elasticity, it is also named elastic fiber and is widely used in apparel fabrics. The elasticity of spandex is very high. The general product does not use 100% polyurethane, and the ratio is 5%~30% in the fabric. The various spandex fabrics have a comfortable elasticity of 15%~45%.

Cotton polyester stretch twill fabric, coarse twill fabric with 32 or more (18 inches or less) cotton yarn for warp and weft; fine twill fabric with 18 or less (32 inches or more) cotton yarn for warp and weft. Twill is available in white, bleached, and mottled colors. It is often used in uniforms, sportswear, sneakers, emery cloths and linings. Wide-width bleached twill can be used as a sheet and can be used as a bed sheet after printing. The color and variegated fine twill fabrics are polished by electro-optical or calendering, and can be used as umbrellas and garment clips.

The warp cotton blended yarn used in the warp direction, the yarn count and the blending ratio can be adjusted according to the target needs, and the latitudinal polyester elastic yarn can be polyester high elastic yarn or polyester spandex yarn, if it is thick and heavy fabric in autumn and winter. For the purpose, the elasticity is not necessarily too good, and the firmness, the heavyness, and the styling are the main pursuits.