Cotton velvet fabric has good hygroscopicity and structure

- Aug 01, 2018-

The brocade fabric is hygroscopic, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, easy to keep warm, comfortable to wear, soft, close-fitting, hygroscopic and breathable. The cotton brocade fabric represents this satin weave. It is woven by twill weave. Satin is a kind of fabric woven from satin by silk, polyester and other fibers. It is interwoven with warp (or weft) over several weft yarns (or warp) on the surface of the fabric. The structure is tight and the surface is smooth and shiny.

The cotton brocade twill fabric is a satin material with a twill weave, and the cloth surface has obvious oblique lines, feel, gloss, and good elasticity. At present, most of the printed products on the market use this fabric, many buyers like twill fabric, because the hand feels soft, but the relatively flat fabric shrinks.

Cotton brocade fabric is a kind of structure, which mainly means that the structure of this silk is a twill structure. A relatively thin, twill-like fabric. From the point of view of taking performance, it is not as adaptable as bismuth and bismuth satin, and it is easy to wrinkle and hang silk.