Description of the features of the polyester nylon cotton cavalry twill fabric

- Nov 23, 2018-

The polyester nylon cotton cavalry twill fabric is woven from the air-jet loom using a twill weave. During the weaving process, it is often processed by deep processing such as pre-shrinking, shaping, dyeing, etc., and its fabric width is 150 cm. Due to the characteristics of the multi-material components of polyester, brocade and cotton, the fabric is excellent in effect and function.


In addition, the polyester kapok cavalry diagonal fabric itself has a natural anti-wrinkle effect, while the added wire has anti-static and anti-radiation functions, the fabric color is natural, the hand is soft, and the fashion, leisure and multi-function are integrated into one market. The last highlight.


The polyester nylon cotton cavalry twill fabric is actually a washed twill fabric. Its main feature is that after the extreme washing and pulling and drying, the garment is greatly reduced in shrinkage and deformation. The Polyester Nylon Cotton Cavalry Twill Fabrics occupy the recent market sales highlights with their unique advantages such as soft handfeel, good drape, good breathability and comfortable wearing. The fabric is suitable for the production of dresses, dresses, pajamas and other clothing.