Dressing process in the ironing process

- Feb 28, 2018-

People often use "one-third of seams ironing ironing" to emphasize ironing is a garment processing an important process.

Ironing the main role of three points:

(1) through the spray, ironing to remove wrinkles, flat clothes crease.

(2) After the heat-setting process so that clothing appearance smooth, pleated, straight lines.

(3) The use of "return" and "pull" ironing techniques Appropriate changes in fiber shrinkage and the density of fabric and latitude and longitude of the organization to create a three-dimensional shape of clothing to meet the body shape and activity requirements of the shape so that clothing Beautiful and comfortable to wear.

Four basic elements that affect fabric ironing are: temperature, humidity, pressure and time. Among them, the ironing temperature is the main factor that affects the ironing effect. To master the ironing temperature of various fabrics is the key issue of finishing garments. Ironing temperature is too low to reach the ironing effect; ironing temperature is too high will cause the ironing ironing damage.

Various types of fiber ironing temperature, but also by the contact time, speed of movement, ironing pressure, with or without padding, padding thickness and the moisture content of various factors.

Ironing should be avoided in the following phenomena:

(1) due to the ironing temperature is too high for a long time causing the surface of the clothing Aurora and scorch phenomena.

(2) the surface of the garment leaving a small ripple wrinkles and other ironing defects.

(3) there is leakage of hot parts.