Dyeing requirements for polyester nylon cotton blend fabric

- Jun 28, 2019-

Polyester nylon cotton blend fabrics are made from polyester, nylon and cotton fibers in different proportions. Generally, before dyeing, you should first understand the grades and specifications of nylon fibers. Due to the different fiber manufacturing processes, the quality of nylon fibers produced by each factory is also different. The characteristics of nylon fiber are different from those of cotton fiber. For example, strength, elasticity and wear resistance are better than cotton fiber. However, nylon fiber has poor light resistance and heat resistance than cotton fiber. Alkali resistance and acid resistance are slightly worse than cotton fiber. The fiber is not resistant to strong oxidants and is not suitable for bleaching with hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorite.


Therefore, in the development of nylon and cotton fiber scouring process, we must consider not to damage the nylon fiber, generally the concentration of caustic soda should not be too high, the scouring temperature and time should not be too high or too long, use high-efficiency scouring agent to improve hair Effect and scouring effect.


Dyeing of polyester-cotton blended fabrics is mainly based on direct, reactive, disperse, acidic, neutral dyes. Polyester fibers are dyed mainly with disperse dyes. When dyeing polyester/cotton blended yarns, it is required according to the color requirements; if it is light or dark, it requires uniform color or different color; color fastness requirements: dyeing method requirements, etc. to consider which dye to use.