Elastic twill fabric dimensional stability and moisture absorption

- Sep 18, 2018-

The elastic twill fabric has the excellent hygroscopicity of the viscose fiber to a certain extent, effectively overcomes the defects of low strength of the ordinary fiber, especially the low wet strength, and its strength is almost similar to that of the polyester, and the wet strength is higher than that of the cotton fiber. The wet modulus is also higher than cotton.

Elastic twill fabric has good dimensional stability and is less water washable. The fabric is shiny and smooth, and feels smooth and comfortable. It has a silky unique touch and is elegant and drape.

Elastic twill cotton card: Clear grain, smooth and thick cloth, not easy to fade, anti-pilling, dimensional stability, abrasion and wash resistance, moisture absorption and ventilation, not easy to generate static electricity, good affinity for skin.

The whole process of polyester flat: very wide and anti-wrinkle, good drape, smooth and smooth cloth surface, moisture-absorbing and breathable, wear-resistant, ball-free, strong color fastness, excellent polyester-cotton effect!