Excellent quality characteristics of printed sateen fabric

- Dec 07, 2018-

printed sateen fabric is a satin weave fabric. The process requirements are strict in the weaving process, and the process is more complicated. In the weaving process, a combed fabric having a density of 173*124 cm is used to interlace at least three yarns of warp and weft. Because of its good quality characteristics, it was named as the tribute emperor.

Printing is a process. Compared to embroidering and jacquard, the printing process of printed sateen fabric is like painting on fabric, and it is not touchy. Printing can also be divided into reactive printing and ordinary printing, the active printing will not fade, and the ordinary printing will have a little floating color in the initial washing.

Due to the higher density of the printed sateen fabric, the overall thickness is thicker. Generally, the first weaving and dyeing process is adopted. The fabric is generally solid and extends as a horizontal strip. The fabric is smooth and delicate and shiny. In fact, satin, plain weave and twill are the most basic three latitude and longitude interlacing methods, each with its own characteristics, of which satin is definitely a fine product in pure cotton fabric.