Fabric Density, Pre-weaving and Post-dyeing Process of Cotton Polyester Stretch Sateen Fabric

- Apr 04, 2018-

In the production process of cotton polyester stretch sateen fabric, the warp and weft yarns are interlaced at least once every three yarns. The main characteristic of cotton/polyester stretch satin is that satin weave makes the fabric denser, so the fabric is more thick.

Cotton polyester stretch sateen fabric is more expensive than similar twill and plain weave products. Fabrics made of satin weave are collectively referred to as satin fabrics. The most common satin fabrics are striped satin, or satin. Divided into 40 pieces of 2 meters 4 wide satin strips and 60 pieces of 2 meters 8 wide satin two fabrics.

In the production process of cotton polyester stretch sateen fabric is mainly the first weaving after dyeing process, such fabrics are generally solid colors, for the bar to extend, cotton and polyester elastic satin satin weave fabric is a more complex fabric weaving process, in During the operation process, the yarn passing through will effectively float on the surface of the fabric, so combed yarns are generally used, with very light and thin 60 pieces, and also slightly thick and heavy 30 pieces.

Cotton-polyester stretch satin also has elastic satin, which is of higher grade. Because it is rich in luster and soft, it is the most unique product in pure cotton fabric, so it is the first choice for high-grade trousers or windbreaker.