Factors affecting the tensile and tearing strength of fabrics(2)

- Mar 08, 2021-

The factors affecting the strength of the fabric are also related to the weaving method and weaving conditions of the fabric (such as: knitted fabric and woven fabric), organizational structure (such as: plain weave, twill, satin, jacquard, etc.), and the density of warp and weft yarn. 

Warp strength and weft strength are different, breaking strength is also different, including the fabric edge, is a solid edge or rough edge, whether to avoid defects and wrinkles, the distance from the original fabric edge may be different (so sampling must be at least 150 mm from the fabric edge).In addition, the sizing of grey cloth and desizing cloth, after dyeing and finishing cloth, especially after impregnation and special finishing cloth, strength will be very different.Weaving techniques, dyeing, wool grinding and so on all have an effect.Coarse yarns show better strength than fine yarns, twill is better than plain, unworn is better than worn, and the less corrosive the dye is, the better.