Factors affecting the tensile and tearing strength of fabrics(3)

- Mar 12, 2021-

The strength of yarn-dyed fabrics is not related to the strength of the original yarn, the density of the warp and weft direction, the yarn fineness, and the finishing process. In order to improve the strength of yarn-dyed fabrics, it is necessary to improve the strength from these items.

The tensile and tearing strength of the non-pressing fabrics will also decrease after the non-pressing finishing, which directly affects the durability of the fabrics.The tensile and tear strength of the fabric, the strength and elongation of the yarn, the interweaving resistance and the morphology of the fabric have significant effects on the strength before and after the press-free finishing.When the yarn with high strength and elongation is torn, the triangular area of force is larger, and the number of yarns with common force is larger, the tearing strength is higher.The structure and the density of warp and weft yarns affect the interweaving points and slip between yarns. With fewer interweaving points, the yarns are easy to slip, and the tearing strength of the fabric is higher.