Factors affecting the tensile strength and tearing strength of fabrics (1)

- Mar 06, 2021-

Tensile and tear strength of woven fabrics is an important index in testing woven fabrics. Through in-depth discussion of some factors affecting the tensile and tear strength of woven fabrics, the methods to improve the tensile and tear strength of woven fabrics are found, which can provide some reference for further improving the quality of woven fabrics. 

The main factors that affect the tensile strength and tear strength of the fabric are as follows:

 with the warp and weft yarn breaking strength, strength.

This is related to factors such as fiber raw material and blending ratio, fiber fineness (count or feature) and yarn fineness (count or feature), yarn uniformity, moisture regain or moisture content, single yarn or strand, twist of single yarn and strand (twist coefficient), storage life of fiber or yarn, etc. And elastic fibers, including their elongation, and other factors will make a big difference.