Features of Waterproof Cotton Polyester Canvas Fabric

- Dec 20, 2020-

Waterproof Cotton Polyester Canvas Fabric is one of the characteristic cotton fabrics. It is a natural fiber fabric, which is comfortable, cool and breathable, and has the advantages of soft color matching, good drape and low shrinkage rate; cotton blended fabric has a dull luster and worsted The hand feel of the class is weak, while the hand feel of the woolen class is loose. The elasticity and crispness of this kind of fabric are not as good as pure wool and wool-polyester, wool-acrylic blended fabrics. In terms of composition, there are polyester-cotton blends, acrylic-cotton blends, nylon-cotton blends, etc.; from the fabric structure, there are twill, plain weave, satin, skein and so on.