Finishing process of stretch mercerized fabric

- Nov 09, 2018-

In order to improve the added value and product grade of stretch mercerized fabric, we need to finish it. The finished fabric is soft to the touch and smooth as satin. The specific process flow is: grey cloth inspection → seam head → singeing → desizing → mercerizing → shaping → anti-shrinking → reel → packaging.


Technical measures for finishing of stretch mercerized fabric:

The first is to carry out the inspection of the stretched mercerized fabric fabric. When checking, it is necessary to check whether the fabric door width is uniform, whether there is missing or broken weft. The seam head is required to be uniform, uniform and firm, and the front and rear seam heads are consistent to prevent wrinkles and snoring in subsequent processing.


Next, you need to singe, mercerize, add acid, and finally set. The temperature needs to be properly controlled during the setting process to avoid damage to the elasticity of the stretched fabric. In addition, anti-wrinkle is required. After 3 times of double-shrinking, the retraction does not exceed 3%, and the latitudinal retraction does not exceed 4%.


The high value-added of stretched mercerized fabric products meets the modern consumers' high natural comfort, light and casual consumption concept. Through the selection of raw materials and the optimization of production process, we can smoothly produce high-quality fabrics, which are deeply loved by consumers and have broad market prospects.