Flexibility and cleanability of fabrics in cotton polyester stretch blend fabric

- Dec 27, 2018-

In the process of making cotton-polyester elastic blended fabric, it is directly mixed with cotton yarn or interwoven. It has high warp and weft density during operation. Generally, it is mainly made of plain weave. The whole product combines nylon and cotton yarn. advantage. The wear resistance of nylon is the first of natural fiber and chemical fiber. The nylon has good hygroscopicity, and its wearing comfort and dyeing performance are better than polyester. Therefore, blending or interlacing nylon and cotton yarn will not reduce the moisture absorption and wearing comfort of cotton yarn. The nylon is lighter and the cotton yarn is heavier. After interweaving or blending, the weight of the fabric can be reduced. The elasticity of the nylon is very good, and the elasticity of the fabric is improved after being blended or interwoven with the cotton yarn.

Cotton polyester stretch blend fabrics are made from microfibers in a specific textile processing and unique dyeing finish, and then processed by "composite" equipment. The composite fabric uses the high-tech and new materials of “new synthetic fiber” and has many excellent properties (compared with ordinary synthetic fibers). For example, the fabric is fine, exquisite, elegant and warm, and the fabric is full, windproof and breathable. With a certain waterproof function, the fabric has good warmth.

Cotton polyester stretch blend fabric has a high cleaning ability, that is, decontamination ability. Another feature of the fabric is that it has good abrasion resistance, and the microfiber fabric is soft, breathable and moisture permeable, so it has obvious advantages in terms of touch and physiological comfort.