Handle and comfort of Brushed Cotton Nylon Stretch Twill Fabric

- Mar 15, 2019-

The general fabric surface is very smooth and smooth. The sanded cotton brocade twill fabric is rubbed on the cloth surface with a roller wrapped with sand, and a layer of fluff is ground on the cloth surface. The brushed cotton brocade twill fabric is soft, comfortable, rich in texture, strong in drape, easy to care, rich in suede, especially in use, a warm, soft and comfortable feeling.


The color of the Brushed Cotton Nylon Stretch Twill Fabric is as new as ever. Due to the unique craftsmanship, the sanding products will not fade, the quality of the pilling is much better than the average cotton fabric, and the weight is much thicker than the average cotton material. . The sanded cotton brocade twill fabric is a high-grade combed cotton. During the post-treatment process, the fabric is sanded to give the surface a certain velvet feel and improve the fabric feel.


It gives the fabric a new style while enhancing the softness and warmth of the fabric. It is superior to non-grinding fabric in terms of hand, comfort and appearance. It is especially suitable for winter use, thus becoming the fabric market in recent years. New darling. Therefore, the products of the sanded cotton brocade twill fabric are more suitable for winter than the products of different fabrics.


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