How can leisure fabric manufacturers reduce pollution?

- Feb 22, 2020-

First of all, during the entire production process of leisure fabrics, staff should actively do a good job in the inspection and maintenance of production equipment, especially leakage should be avoided as much as possible. You know, these routine investigations and the repair of water, steam and compressed air leakage problems cost almost no cost, but the effect is really obvious.

The second point is that when processing casual fabrics, some non-contact cooling water used should be reused as much as possible. This is because the quality and temperature of the non-contact cooling water are very good, so it can also be used in desizing, refining, rinsing and other processes. This will not only save us a lot of water resources, but also make full use of the temperature of these cooling waters.

The third method that can be considered is that when pre-treating leisure fabrics, some of the wastewater produced can also be reused. For example, the waste water discharged from the bleaching and mercerizing processes can be collected and reused in other processes, which will save a lot of water resources compared with direct discharge as waste water, and also reduce the discharge of waste water. .

The last issue to consider is to optimize the compressed air system as much as possible. Among the manufacturers of leisure fabrics, some of them need to consume a large amount of compressed air together. These instruments are also susceptible to leakage. Therefore, in order to reduce this problem, we can properly optimize the compressed air system.