How to distinguish the oblique direction from the mercerized stretch herringbone fabric

- Oct 16, 2018-

The feel of the mercerized stretch herringbone fabric is very soft and bright, and the price of the whole product is reasonable. The fabric is composed of two fabrics with a twill and a 45° left oblique fabric. The front twill pattern is very high during the production process. Obviously, the reverse side of the variegated twill will not be obvious, the warp and weft counts are close, the density is slightly higher than the weft density, and the hand feels softer than the khaki.

The twill weave of the mercerized stretch herringbone fabric is divided into one-sided twill and double-sided twill. The one-sided twill pattern is clearly visible on the front side and the reverse side is blurred. In addition, in terms of the inclination of the grain, the front grain of the single-yarn fabric is inclined from the upper left to the lower right, and the texture of the half-line fabric or the full-line fabric is inclined from the lower left to the upper right. The front and back lines of the double-sided twill are basically the same, but oblique To the contrary.

The specific methods are:

1. If there is a cloth edge, look at the shape of the pinhole (left in the finishing)

2, look at the appearance of the cloth, the general surface gloss is brighter, the grain is clear and the front is clear

3, if it is sanding, grabbing varieties, the general condition of the matte surface, the scratching surface is positive

4, the general twill fabric is right oblique is positive, but the line card is left oblique is positive