How to wash casual pants?

- Mar 21, 2020-

1. Pants will wrinkle and deform after being worn for a whole day. After replacement, the trousers should be hung upside down for natural recovery. It is recommended that a pair of pants be worn for a maximum of two consecutive days;

2. If the pants are stained with strong adhesion, they should be stained as soon as possible and then washed all. It should not be left for a long time, otherwise the stain will soak into the inside of the cotton fiber and firmly bind with the fiber, and even a chemical reaction will occur, forming a permanent stain.

3. In order to keep the trousers fabric from fading, you can add some edible salt in the water when washing to play the role of color protection, fixation, and brightening, while gently rubbing;

4. Wash the dark and light clothing separately. It is recommended that the reverse side of the clothing be turned outwards, and the buttons and zippers be buttoned, and then washed and dehydrated. Hand wash: Take an appropriate amount of neutral detergent, add warm water and mix thoroughly. Soak the clothing for 3 minutes, and then gently rub Gently rub, then rinse with water; Machine wash: Select the standard washing mode, turn the clothes on the reverse side, fasten the buttons and zippers (also can be placed in a laundry net bag), and then dry. Avoid direct sunlight when drying, otherwise it will cause partial discoloration of pants.