Implementation of related functions of cotton polyester elastane blend

- Jul 09, 2019-

In order to meet the needs of market competition, enterprises are required to deep processing, small batches, multiple varieties, fast delivery and strengthening functional textile development. There are more and more functional products in cotton polyester blending, such as non-scalding, antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet, hydrophilic finishing, skin care, flame retardant and antistatic.


These functions of cotton polyester elastane blends can be formed by adding additives directly to the fibers or by finishing techniques. The UV resistance increases with the increase in the density of the cotton polyester stretch fabric, indicating that the tighter the tissue, the better the UV resistance. The UPF greater than 15 is considered to have an anti-ultraviolet effect, and as the amount is increased, the anti-ultraviolet effect is increased.


The cloth surface effect before feeding is good, and the dripping method needs to be less than 20 seconds. The better the moisture absorption before feeding, the better the moisture absorption performance after feeding. The better the moisture absorption of the cotton-polyester blended fabric, the better the effective component of the antibacterial agent on the surface, and the better the antibacterial effect.


Before the production of cotton-polyester elastic blended girder, it is necessary to carry out relevant compatibility production test. The system with poor compatibility cannot be applied to production, otherwise it will easily produce cloth fabric points and other quality problems. At the same time, the production system needs to consider the hand feeling and antibacterial property. Etc., comprehensive selection of cost-effective, good performance system.