Inspection of Woven Fabrics

- Dec 27, 2017-

Inspection of woven fabrics.jpg

It is important to control the quality of the finished material. The quality of clothing can be improved effectively by the inspection and measurement of the material.

Fabric inspection includes both exterior quality and inner quality. The main inspection of fabric is whether there are damage, stain, weaving defect, color difference and so on. The fabric that is washed by sand should also pay attention to whether there is sand road, dead fold printing, and the cracks and so on. The defect that affects the appearance of the defect shall be marked out in the inspection and shall be avoided at the time of cutting.

The inner quality of the fabric mainly includes water shrinkage, color fastness and gram weight (mmi, ounce). During the test sampling, samples of different varieties and different colors of different manufacturers should be used to test the samples to ensure the accuracy of the data.

At the same time, the auxiliary materials for entering the factory should also be inspected, such as the shrinkage rate of the elastic belt, the fastness of the adhesive lining, the degree of smooth zipper slip, etc., and the auxiliary materials that cannot meet the requirements will not be put into operation.