Introduction to the functional characteristics of brushed twill fabric

- Dec 13, 2018-

Brushed twill fabrics are a functional product, especially in cold winters, which are softer, warmer and more comfortable to use. Because the hair is good, it must be active. The warp and weft yarns are interlaced at least once, and the warp and weft interlacing points are added to change the fabric structure, collectively referred to as twill fabric. The general sanding fabric itself is twill.

On the whole, the ground twill fabric is thicker, softer and warmer, which improves the performance of the fabric. The effect of sanding finishing is similar to the principle of raising or pulling, which produces fluff on the surface of the fabric. The difference is that the raising of the hair is generally made of metal card clothing, mainly the weft of the fabric, and the hair is sparse and long.

The brushed twill fabric is comfortable to handle, and the twill weave structure refers to a structure in which a diagonal line of a certain angle is formed on the surface of the fabric by the interlacing point of the warp and the weft in the weaving process, and the warp (or weft) floating line is on the surface of the fabric. The diagonal weave is formed. The tissue loop that constitutes the twill has at least 3 warp yarns and 3 weft yarns.