Jacquard Stretch Fabric design and color matching design process

- May 16, 2018-

Jacquard stretch fabrics are woven with multi-arm weaving machines. They are varied, stylish, and varied. They are often used in production design. CAD design software that is widely used now makes jacquard stretch fabric design more flexible and the variety of flower patterns increases. The organizational design is also becoming more and more complex, and the effect is even more varied.


In the design concept of the jacquard stretch fabric pattern, the natural landscape, popular hot spots, people's imagination and beautiful pursuit are often reflected in the fabric design through the organization chart design, and the use of environmentally-friendly functional new materials makes the fabric design more consistent. Market trends, and thus get people's favor.


Specifically, the use of CAD software for the freehand writing of the existing pattern, so that it can be used to express the organization points, the use of organizational reorganization design method to form a plain weave jacquard tissue design. The color matching design is also based on the combination of the main colors and other colors, so that the jacquard stretch fabric design reflects clean, eye-catching, happy, and bright visual effects.


The pattern design of jacquard elastic fabrics and the use of functional yarns make the fabric fabrics environmentally friendly and fashionable. It can be used in apparel apparel fabrics, home textiles and decorative fabrics. Its organization uses plain weave, plain weave is simple and flat, easy to make the pattern prominent, so that the pattern is expressed more subtle. If the twill or satin is used as the ground, it has a significant weave pattern and is not conducive to highlighting the jacquard effect.


In the process of image processing and design, it is necessary to consider not only the effect of each organization point on the pattern but also the finiteness of the number of heddle frames of the multi-arm weaving machine. According to the characteristics of the image, the change of the pattern is based on the provincial synthesis law. On the basis of symmetry design, the artwork map is then laid out and the images are organized in points. When designing a flower-type structure, it should be noted that flower-type floats should not be too long, and the number of interweaving of inflorescences of indium and plain-texture parts cannot be too different, taking into account longitudinal continuity and horizontal symmetry.


In the production process of jacquard elastic fabrics, in order to ensure clear shed at weft insertion and reduce weft stop and weft shrinkage, the technical principles of early opening, middle and low back beams, and the main and auxiliary nozzle air pressure of elastic weft yarns must not be excessively large to improve the efficiency of looms. 78%; In order to ensure the elastic comfort of the product, it is important to grasp the parameters such as temperature, time and setting width of the heat setting process, so that the product has a good appearance and flatness, and is more suitable for the development of high-end fashion and comfortable clothing.