Main features and dyeing process of Nylon Cotton Blend Fabric

- Apr 02, 2019-

The Nylon Cotton Blend Fabric has different fiber morphology and chemical properties during the production process. In the operation, the dyeing and finishing of the cotton-wool blend fabric must take into account the chemical properties of the two fibers and maintain the cotton-wool blend fabric. The characteristics, therefore, bring great difficulties to dyeing and finishing. The dyeing process of cotton-wool blended yarn is mainly based on the bath dyeing process.


The bathing method of nylon-cotton blended fabric has the following characteristics


1. Reduce dyeing cycle time, increase production efficiency, high output, labor cost and general management costs can be compressed as much as possible.


2. Save energy and save the consumption of chemicals such as additives.


3. Dyeing uniformity is easy to control and adjust, and the dry and wet fastness of the dyed yarn is good.

The nylon-cotton blended fabric is a textile product woven into a mixture according to a certain ratio. Cotton and linen blends can be used to make a variety of garments. The advantage of cotton and linen blended fabrics compared to other fabrics is that they are cheap. Cotton and linen blended fabrics have the advantages of cotton and linen. The cotton and linen blend has the advantages of environmental protection, ventilation, comfort, good drape and comfortable wearing.


3, when the clothing is kept, it must be washed, and kept dry and low temperature, so that mold growth is not allowed.