Main features of cotton stretch herringbone fabric

- Nov 13, 2018-

Cotton stretch herringbone fabric is a rising star in fabrics, and it is one of the favorite fabrics. The appearance is fresh and refined, the style is charming, and the texture, feel, style and function are all good. In the actual processing, the cotton elastic herringbone oblique fabric is usually woven on the water jet loom, and is successively processed through a series of dyeing and finishing.


The cotton stretch herringbone fabric is produced by the blending process of cotton and nylon. The main features of this fabric are warm in winter and cool in summer, soft, breathable, small shrinkage rate, not easy to hook up, not easy to pilling, smooth and firm. Wrinkle, easy to care, effectively prevent moisture absorption and re-sticking, and do not lose the simple texture of cotton fabric.


Therefore, for many users, this cotton elastic herringbone oblique fabric is more comfortable, which is much better than the cotton is easy to wrinkle, adhere after moisture absorption and so on. Because the texture of this fabric is like a human, it is named as a herringbone, and the finished fabric is soft in color.