Main specifications and applicable fields of Plain Nylon Cotton Fabric

- May 02, 2019-

The Plain Nylon Cotton Fabric is made of nylon yarn and pure cotton yarn interwoven on the air jet loom. The specifications are 40s 32s 21s 16s, etc. The organization has plain weave, twill weave, matte, square, etc. The series has been slackened and desizing. After the process of alkali reduction, dyeing, soft setting, etc., it feels soft and elastic, has good breathability and drapability, is elegant and comfortable to wear, and is suitable for making women's fashion windbreaker jacket with high gloss and smooth feel. , more suitable for windbreaker, cotton clothing, jacket and other styles.


The plain cotton fabric is suitable for men's and women's shirts, outerwear, children's clothing, interior fabrics and carpets. Polyester can also be used as cotton wool because of its good elasticity and bulkiness. Industrial high-strength polyester can be used as tire cords, conveyor belts, fire hoses, cables, fishing nets, etc., and can also be used as electrical insulation materials, acid-resistant filter cloths and paper-making blankets. Non-woven fabrics made of polyester can be used for interior decoration, carpet backing, pharmaceutical industry fabrics, flocking, lining, etc.


The plain brocade fabric dyes different parts of the skein (silk) in the dyeing liquid for different times, so that each frame yarn has a gradual color with no obvious boundary from shallow to deep, such as Chinese traditional embroidery seven-color silk thread. In addition, there are half-side dyeing, spot dyeing, continuous dyeing of single yarns, and the like.


The plain cotton fabric can be evenly and neatly stacked in the cloth to reduce the labor intensity. For some printing and dyeing machinery, especially in mines that are prone to fires and explosions, it is required to use fire resistance. A good lubricant (anti-flammable liquid), can not use flammable mineral oil.